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Olympic Stadium OAKA shut down due to static problems

All activities at the Olympic Stadium and the Velodrome at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA) have been suspended since Friday night due to safety reasons. According to a statement issued by the stadium management, suspended have been also all activities at the central circulation spine for the complex …

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10 million Greek voters, 39K polling stations for European, regional and local elections

Polling stations for European, regional and local elections opened at 7 o’ clock Sunday for the 9,922,294 registered voters. 528,000 Greeks will vote for the first time. Among them are , 106,760 17-year-olds who will vote following a recent law amendment that lowered the voting age. 39,063 polling stations have …

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UPD Hundreds stranded on Athens-Lamia Highway due to snow

Professional truck drivers and private motorists, families with children on their way to Christmas holidays, stranded for several hours on Athens-Lamia Highway due to the snow fall. Media report of a 14-km long queues from the 118th to the 132th km on the lanes to Lamia, at the height of …

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Kefalonia: more than 1,000 aftershocks >2R as number of homeless increases

An aftershock measuring 4.2R rocked the island of Kefalonia on Tuesday evening as thousands of residents were preparing to spend the night in tents, cars and buses. According to Greek media, 5,000 people are estimated to have to spend the days and nights away from homes as they were damaged …

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Why Noah’s Ark would never have been built in Greece

You think, Noah would have been able to build the famous Ark in case he was living in Greece? That would be a very big #FAIL. The human-animal-rescue project would be have been able to conclude for three simple reasons: 1) the notorious Greek bureaucracy 2) the slowness of the Greek public sector …

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