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“Greece has Soul”: Breathtaking Aerial Dance by Katerina Soldatou (videos)

Amazing project, breathtaking performances. Extreme aerial dance artist Katerina Soldatou performs impressive acrobatic from bridges and cliff to raise awareness over environmental issues and respect for the history of each place. In June, Soldatou performed form the Bridge of Chalkida. 35 meters above the sea. The Extreme aerial dance performance …

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FabLab training space teaches modern technologies to young refugees

In the context of the migration crisis in Europe, many refugees are nowadays blocked in camps or towns in Greece for an indeterminate length of time and with few future perspectives. Young people are often full of energy and enthusiasm, but they lack the opportunity to make use of it. …

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Athens – Event: Telescopes enable Observation of the Planet Mars (Nov 21-27/2016)

With telescopes set up in seven points in Athens, the National Geographic in cooperation with the Athens Observatory offer a unique opportunity for stargazers: the Observation Week of the Planet Mars”. The telescopes will be set in Zappeion in downtown Athens as well as in the south suburbs of Palio …

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Church Heritage project for €2.5 million? “No, thanks,” says Archbishop Ieronymos

It’s the same old mentality that rules here: get as much public money as possible. It’s the same old mentality that prevails here and makes us, average Greeks believe that “nothing will change in this country.” In times of harshest austerity with families unable to feed their kids and patients …

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Why Noah’s Ark would never have been built in Greece

You think, Noah would have been able to build the famous Ark in case he was living in Greece? That would be a very big #FAIL. The human-animal-rescue project would be have been able to conclude for three simple reasons: 1) the notorious Greek bureaucracy 2) the slowness of the Greek public sector …

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