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Tsipras’ new girl friend makes the Greek internet melt

“My new girl friend,” wrote Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on his instagram account and had the Greek internet melt. The Prime Minister with a tiny, fluffy something in his arms? He had his fans puzzle on whether the puppy is the new member of his family or it belongs to …

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Unbelievable! Thugs dye 3-month-old puppy ….red!

A stray puppy had to experienced how mean the humans can be. Unknown perpetrators dyed the 3-month-old puppy …red most probably just for the purpose of mean human fun. Some animal lovers from Schimatari area, in Viotia, found the puppy and took it to the vet. An examination showed that …

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Crete: Puppy abandoned, left to die in the storm

Ι believe this little guy deserves a second chance and a special blog post. He was abandoned near the town of Chania, in Crete, amid strong rainfall and winds, left outside to die. But he was rescued by an animal lover who heard him whining and barking. “Amid the strong …

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Incredible rainfall floods Crete; monster abandons puppy in the storm

 Strong rainfall and gale winds hit the island of Crete Tuesday night causing unprecedented floods and putting people and animals in danger. The area most affected is the Irakleion prefecture where firefighters rescued some 60 people: men, women, children and elderly have climbed to roof tops to escape the water …

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Euboea: Tavern owner brutally kills stray puppy Maggie

Greece’s animal loving society is shocked: a tavern owner beat to death a stray puppy in front of stunned and shocked customers and passersby. The brutal incident took place last Thursday in a popular destination especially for internal tourists: in Nea Styra village in Euboea island in eastern Greece. According …

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Patras: Puppy thrown into garbage bin

 A tiny puppy was  thrown into a garbage bin by a heinous human. A young woman, who was passing by, heard his whimper and freed him from a certain and unbelievable cruel death. She took him to the vet and now the “little miracle” is in the care of a …

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