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Promachonas crossing: Queues up to 12km, waiting time 5 hours

For forth consecutive day, travelers from Balkan and central-European countries are waiting up to 5 hours inside their vehicles and under the boiling sun in order to cross into Greece. Promachonas border-crossing cannot deal with the volume of travelers with the effect that the queues extend up to 10-12 km …

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Lockdown-fatigue: Greeks flock to promenades, queue outside public offices

Hundreds of residents of Thessaloniki flocked to Nea Paralia early Monday evening just minutes after the promenade was opened again to public, following two weeks of restrictive access. Young and old, on foot or on bicycle, crowded along the seaside and enjoyed the warm weather and the sundown. Police was controlling …

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Low-Pensioners stand long queues for the Christmas Bonus

Greece’s low-pensioners have been waiting for the extra Christmas bonus announced by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for days. The magic, sparkling moment was set as December 22nd. The money started to flow into bank accounts already since Wednesday afternoon. Defying the icy-cold weather and Schaeuble’s objections, dozens of elderly rushed …

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Referendum: Creditors hide in ATMs to scaremonger Greeks

Referendum YES-supporters will meet Tuesday evening at Syntagma Square outside the Greek Parliament, after NO-supporters organized a huge protest on Monday evening. YES-supporters are backed by opposition parties like New Democracy and a lot of mainstream media journalists. And not only! Some Greeks had a very unpleasant experience Tuesday morning …

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Thousands of troubled Greek seniors form long queues after pension stop

Thousands of pensioners at the verge of brain-stroke and heart-attack formed long queues outside the offices of Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA on Friday morning. The troubled seniors had rushed to the local branches of IKA because their pension had been stopped. Just like that. The seniors must have been …

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Queues of Shame & Rage, as Greek Patients Stand in Line to Get Medicine

Hundreds of insured Greeks have been ‘melting’ under the hot summer sun, standing line outside pharmacies in Piraeus in order to get their prescription medicine on credit. Residents of Athens and broader Attica area are seeking the pharmacies of the port city of Piraeus for their life-saving medicine, as Athens Pharmacists …

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