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Greece topped EU ranking for innovation in 2018-2020, reports Eurostat

Greece has outdone other European Union countries for the percentage of businesses that reported some kind of innovation activity between 2018 and 2020, achieving first place with a rate of 73%, according to a graph published the European Statistics authority Eurostat on Friday. According to a Eurostat tweet, the EU …

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Greece sinks 19 places in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking

Greece plunged 19 places on Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking published on December 22. Reason is the deaths increase and the strict lockdown that was imposed on November 7 and was extended through Christmas and New Year. Greece is the country with the biggest fall along with the USA. Winter and …

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Greece improved its global position on COVID-19 cases and deaths

Greece ‘s comparative position in the global ranking of Covid-19 cases and deaths is constantly declining – and therefore improving – both in absolute numbers and proportionally to the population as in cases and deaths er per million inhabitants. Greece ranks 81th in terms of confirmed cases and 49th in …

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Greece ranks 33rd in 2020 Military Strength Ranking

Greece ranked 33 out of 138 countries in an annual list of states with the biggest potential military strength, compiled by military webpage Global Firepower. For 2020, Greece is ranked 33 of 138 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a Power Index “PwrIndx* rating …

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Greece significantly improves ranking in corruption index

Greece has significantly improved its corruption perception ranking in the index of Transparency International in 2019. The country scored 48 points out of 100 and was placed in 60th position. In 2018, Greece had scored 45 points and was on the 87th ranking position. Για το 2019, η Ελλάδα συγκεντρώνει …

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IMD Competitiveness report 2017: Greece ranks 57th among 63 countries

How can Greece be competitive when the taxation system changes once a year, liquidity is a rarity, capital controls tie the hands of entrepreneurs and investors and the tedious negotiations with international creditors undermines the atmosphere in the Greek economy? The answer is simple: it can’t. In the Swiss-based International …

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