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Referendum: Creditors hide in ATMs to scaremonger Greeks

Referendum YES-supporters will meet Tuesday evening at Syntagma Square outside the Greek Parliament, after NO-supporters organized a huge protest on Monday evening. YES-supporters are backed by opposition parties like New Democracy and a lot of mainstream media journalists. And not only! Some Greeks had a very unpleasant experience Tuesday morning …

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S&P downgrades Greece to CCC-, warns of Default and Grexit

Credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded Greece from CCC to CCC- and “negative outlook.” Further it warned of Default in 6 Months and put Grexit rates at 50%. S&P downgrade comes the day Athens imposed capital controls and a week-long bank holiday. “We interpret Greece’s decision to hold a …

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Lagarde claims “Greek Referendum will be legally invalid”

IMF’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde finally found the needed strength to express her view on Greece’s Referendum. Speaking to BBC, Lagarde said that next Sunday (July 5th) referendum will not be valid as the creditors’ proposal and program end on June 30th. “I can’t speak for the IMF program, because …

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Huh? “Is Scotland the New Greece?”

Crucial day for Scotland today. The referendum on independence from United Kingdom has already begun. What would it mean if the majority of Scots vote Yes? Can the new and Indepentent Scotalnd turn into Greece? An opinion article by Costas Panayotakis, Professor of Sociology at the New York City College …

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Papandreou to TIME: “We Were a Lab Rat, An Experiment”

The Greek prime minister who took the country to the IMF, George Papandreou gave an interview to US-based TIME magazine. Talking about Greece to had become the first euro zone country to be forced to accept painful austerities in exchange for bailout loans, Papandreou told TIME, “I think it couldn’t have been avoided. We …

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Greece in Uproar After Cannes-Humiliation: Live Blogging

Greece is in uproar after French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel imposed the date and the referendum question and froze the 6th aid tranche of 8 billion euro until Greeks say YES to referendum. It was short after midnight when Merkel and Sarkozy announced the referendum conditions …

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