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Greece to reform Police Rapid Response Units after fatal shooting at Roma teen

Minister for Citizen Protection Takis Theodoriakos announced a series of measures and upgrades aiming at improving the efficiency of the Rapid Response Units, especially themotorcycle police units DIAS as well as in the operation of the Center of Command. The reforms come some ten days after a car chase in …

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Parliament approves new election system, but fails the 200 essential votes

With 163 votes the Greek Palriament approved the change in the elections system, however, the government failed to collect the 200 votes that were essential according to the Constitution. In favor voted conservative New Democracy and nationalist Elliniki Lysi This will result into the fact, that the new election system …

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EU in need of Democracy Reform: Serving the people vs Serving economic interest

I suppose the following article is also an explanation on how the European Union corrupts national politicians – or better say: allows national politicians to corrupt their own citizens in order that the latter support the rotten system in Brussels. How? By using European taxpayers’ money for the famous EU …

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Economist: Troika is the 3-headed monster trapping countries in economic underworld

It looks as if slowly thε international community starts to realize that the grip of Troika’s imposed austerity leads to nowhere. Or better say: strict and merciless austerity leads right to the sharp teeth of a monster eating our flesh, to paraphrase the article “The euro’s hellhound -It is time …

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