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Rents in Greece’s major urban centers skyrocket

Rents in Greece’s major urban centers skyrocket and so do the landlords’ demands. the reasons are diverse but mainly the increase of the so-called “subjective prices” consequently the rise of property taxes as well as the rising cost of living. As incomes remain stagnant, though, access to affordable housing has …

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Rising rents and galloping inflation makes it difficult for many Greeks to make ends meet

Rising rents are one more factor weighing in on Greek city dwellers’ finances, alongside galloping inflation, especially in energy prices. According to a cross-country survey of just over 1,000 respondents by research and communications firm About People, nearly half (47.8%) of individual tenants either have difficulty paying the rent or …

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2016 – The Year of New Greek Tax Hikes

I suppose, the majority of Greeks spent the 3-days break with their television set off. That’s why, they are still alive on Monday, January the 4th. Had they turned their TVs son, they would had for sure suffered brain strokes, heart collapses and breath halting due to the tsunami of …

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Greeks unable to pay their rent – Number of Evictions growing

“I owe my landlord 6,000 euros” my hairdresser tells me while she tries to handle my unhandleable hair with brush and dryer . “Now he is forcing me with lawyer either to move out or pay” she says and gazes at me with wide open eyes through the mirror. Christina …

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