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Earthquake 6R: Six people rescued from collapsed houses (pcts)

The fire brigades on Wednesday rescued six people trapped in collapsed houses in the village of Mesochori, following a 6 Richter earthquake that shook the Elassona region in central Greece. Among them, was an 83-year-old bed-ridden man, whose wife managed to escape and inform neighbors and authorities. The man who …

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IANOS leaves behind 3 dead, one missing and extensive destruction

Three dead people, one missing woman and extensive destruction is what Medicane Ianos left behind after it swept over Greece from Thursday night to Sunday. Over 8,000 homes and businesses are still under water in the Prefecture of Karditsa, Central Greece, three days after nature struck. Its rage started in …

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Two dead, three missing as Medicane Ianos floods central Greece

Two people have been recovered dead and three are missing in Central Greece where Medicane IANOS struck with heavy intensity, flooded large parts of Thessaly and damaged infrastructure. The towns of Karditsa, Farsala and surrounding areas down to the outskirts of Volos are under water, and dozens are still waiting …

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Evia disaster: Flash floods kill 8-month-old baby, 4 adults; 2 missing

Flash floods on the island of Evia on Sunday morning have killed an 8-month-old baby and two elderly, while information about a fourth dead is not officially confirmed by now. Torrential rainfalls hit the island from late Saturday night until Sunday morning, flooding homes and causing extensive damage in the …

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Trekkers’ rescues on Crete hit record number this summer

Trekkers’ rescues on the island of Crete has hit a record number this summer – even though the summer has started just a while ago. The beautiful and wild gorges and mountains on the island offer excellent opportunities for curious visitors, however, at what cost. They often end up injured …

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