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“We are planning the next day for Greece,” says PM Tsipras

The summer of 2017 will be calmer but this was not a time for complacence, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday in an televised interview with Greece’s Alpha channel, one day after Greece’s successfully ventured forth to tap the markets. “We took an important step, which marks the beginning …

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S&P Raises Outlook On Greece Ahead Of Bond Sale, Keeps B- Rating

Consider it a kiss to the bond investors who are expected to oversubscribe the upcoming latest “triumphal” Greek return to the bond markets, as soon as next week. Moments ago, rather unexpectedly, S&P raised its outlook on Greece from Stable to Positive, but reaffirmed the Greek rating at B-. The …

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Greek debt scenarios: “Great stretch” or “time to default”?

Hardly has Greece managed to return to the international markets and several scenarios started to circulate again about the future of the Greek debt. One of the scenarios claims that the solution would be is a great stretch of another 20 years for the pay back of the bailout loans. …

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The markets can’t wait! Greeks are fit for bonds

I have been physically and psychologically preparing myself for the historical moment when Greece would return to the markets and borrow money. In fact I’ve been preparing myself for the last two weeks with an intensive fitness and an extreme makeover program. I increased my brisk walking from 7 km …

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Greece returns to markets with 5-year bond

Are we? Aren’t we? Will Greece issue a long-term bond on Wednesday and return to the markets after four years spent in Troika’s deep freeze? Several Greek media claim  this morning  that a 5-year bond has already been launched  and that the borrowing interest would be 5.25% and total worth …

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Greek PM: “I will not allow a criminal organization to govern the political life”

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is determined not to allow extreme-right Golden Dawn be a regulator of the country’s political life and threaten the political stability. Speaking to a delegation of AHEPA, the prime minister used the chance to address the issue that his close aide Panagiotis Baltakos had regular …

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