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Greece: 4,493 coronavirus cases, 17 deaths; geographic distribution

Greece’s health authorities announced on Friday 4,493 new coronavirus cases and 17 Covid-related deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of Covid-patients intubated in hospitals ICUs across the country has decreased to 110. A total of 3,492,268 infections (daily change: +0.1%) have been confirmed in Greece since the start …

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Greece records 2,489 new coronavirus cases, 70 deaths in 24 hours

Greece’s health authorities announced on Wednesday evening 2,489 new coronavirus cases and 70 Covid-related deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of intubated patients has decreased further to 707. Doctors and data confirm that the number of hospitalizations has constantly decreased in the last couple of days. Health experts …

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Greece: 3445 new coronavirus cases, 75 more deaths, 749 intubations

Greece’s health authorities announced on Wednesday evening, 3445 new coronavirus cases and 75 Covid-related deaths in past 24 hours. The number of Covid-19 patients in ventilators stands at 749. Death toll has reached 8,607. Total confirmed infections since the begin of the pandemic 285,015. The Covid-19 self-tests were distributed to …

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RT report: “Debt Drama: Was whole Greek bailout deal a failure?” (video)

Stuck in recession, plagued by soaring unemployment and suicides – the Greek plight is dragging on, sending shivers across the EU. Greece is struggling to meet the conditions of its international lenders, who are pouring billions into the ailing economy. But when will the rescue package actually work? Or has …

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Max Keiser: Papandreou is the Greek “Ceauşescu”

Somebody is really mad about what happened in Athens on Wednesday and the unprecedented use of tears gas even expired one (see picture below). Interesting is the fact that he is not even Greek. He is Max Keiser, the famous American broadcaster,  film-maker, and former equities broker  and  host of  “Keiser …

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