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Sofia Vembo “Children of Greece, Children”: The inspiring song of OXI Day

Sofia  Vembo, the national voice of Greece during the Greek-Italian war and the Axis occupation. The singer and actress became a major inspiration for the soldiers fighting at the war front and for the people in general. Her most famous song that encouraged the Greek soldiers during the Greek-Italian War  …

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OXI-Day – Greece’s “No” to Axis Forces on 28. October 1940

 Occupation Forces and Ultimatums. It’s not just a history chapter.  Every year, since 2010, we experience the same thing: ultimatums by the country’s lenders. Every time, when  the country should receive the ‘rescue bailout tranche’: ultimatums. Say YES or there is no money. Modern times ‘axis’ forces: so-called “Task EU Forces” …

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28th October 2011- The Alternative OXI-Day Parade

Every year, on October 28th the Greeks celebrate with parades the anniversary of  heroic “Oxi”-Day, the day when the then prime minister of Greece said “NO” to Italy’s ultimatum asking the surrender of Greece to the forces of the Axis. That was on October 28th, 1940. Parades are usually performed by school students on October …

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