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Foreign national arrested for supplying Cubans with stolen passports

A 57-year-old Spanish national was arrested at Athens international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” on charges of helping four Cuban nationals leave Greece using stolen travel documents. The four Cubans were also arrested. The Spanish man was charged with possessing the travel documents of a third party, the attempt and the act …

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Tragedy off Acropolis: Woman dies after fall; Spanish tourist or Athenian resident?

A young woman, allegedly a tourist, died after she fell 20 meters off the rock of Areios Pagos, north-west of the Acropolis of Athens short after noon on Tuesday. The woman estimated in her 30’s was unconscious when the fire service and an ambulance arrived, and did not respond to …

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The Ultimate German Provocation Against Greeks!

That’s an unprecedented provocation incited against our Greek men. A provocation made in Germany. A Knockout hit below the belt. Literally and metaphorically. An allegation aiming to destroy the last shreds of our debt-ridden men’s self-esteem amid recession, unemployment, income decrease and uncertain future. The Institute for Condom Beratung based in Singen/Germany …

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Belgian Policeman Kicks Greek Activist (video)

Un-be-lie-va-ble! A Belgian policeman kicked a handcuffed woman activist sitting down. The incident occurred in EU’s capital Brussels and the woman happened to be a Greek. A member of Spanish “indignados” who had joined the protests outside the bankrupt bank DEXIA.  The police brutality was filmed and the video made …

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Must Watch LOL-Video! Spanish or Greek Bureaucracy?

Some Greeks are idle enough to think bureaucracy is a lethal plant unique to Greek soil. There is this Spanish video though proving that civil servants of the type “I’m lazy, I hate you and I love it” are everywhere to find -preferably at the north part of the Mediterranean basin. In the south part, civil …

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