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Shortage of Drugs Due to Pharma Embargo to Greek National Health Service

The never ending story of the Greek patient: While private pharmacists continue to block prescription medicine on credit, drugs have started to disappear from the pharmacies shelves of EOPYY. Patients have now to seek state pharmacies in hospitals to get life-saving medication. Gerasimos Voudouris, president of  National health Care Services EOPYY,  …

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The Troika: Killing the Greek Patient – Softly?

While the Troika meets with several Greek ministers, its demands get more and more absurd. In fact, they are not absurd, they’re just the IMF’s policies of ‘hit and kill’ applied everywhere in the world. In order to push for further of cuts in the public expenditure, the representatives of Greece’s …

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Material Black Out threatens Greece’s State Hospitals

A material black out threatens Greek state hospitals as suppliers decided to suspend deliveries. Bandages, gauze and other medical supplies will be a rarity- although in some state hospitals these materials are already in shortage. Representatives of the Panhellenic Association of Suppliers of Medical Items have decided to suspend deliveries …

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Athens: Two historical hospitals to suspend services

 Greece health condition is deteriorating. Life supporting organs collapse, the one after the other. The serum tubes dry up. As the patient dies, there seem to be no need for many hospitals. Aretaieion and Aiginiteion, two historical university hospitals in Athens downtown are reportedly to close down.  The managers of the …

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