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Greece halts seismic surveys in the Ionian over whales stranding

Greece’s Environment and Energy Ministry ordered a temporary stop to seismic surveys in the northern Ionian Sea amid concerns that the activity is responsible for the recent stranding in shallow waters of three Cuvier’s beaked whales on the western coast of the island of Corfu. All three whales, which did …

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Masks production for schools stopped after fiasco with XXL-size

The production of thousands of reusable masks designed for school children has been stopped by the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (KEDE) after the fiasco with the XXL-masks distributed by the Education Ministry on the first school day. Ηundreds of pupils received oversized masks, neither functional nor …

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“This is COVID19!” Torch Relay stopped after Sparta fiesta with Butler

The coronavirus has “extinguished” the Olympic Flame: the Greek Olympic Committee decided on Friday to suspend the famous Torch Relay “in the interest of public health.” The decision was taken just hours after thousands of Greeks defied the preventive measures and flocked to watch Hollywood star Gerard Butler lighting his …

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Thousands of troubled Greek seniors form long queues after pension stop

Thousands of pensioners at the verge of brain-stroke and heart-attack formed long queues outside the offices of Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA on Friday morning. The troubled seniors had rushed to the local branches of IKA because their pension had been stopped. Just like that. The seniors must have been …

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National Bank – Eurobank merger stopped; shares plunge -30%

The news fell like a bomb on Sunday night: that the much praised National Bank (NBG) – Eurobank merger was stopped by Greece’s international lenders, the Troika of EU, IMF and ECB representatives. Greek media reported that the Troika had objections about the size of the new bank to have emerged from …

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