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Heavy morning storm strikes Kefalonia, lightning causes wildfire – Video

A strong rain- and thunderstorm stroke the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea on Thursday morning causing power outages in several areas of the island including the capitalcity. According to local media, the rain- and thunderstorm started as early as 6 o’ clock in the morning initially in the …

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Weather warning: Rain, storm, hail and wind up to 7 Beaufort

A quick deterioration of weather after the heat wave over the last weekend. Rainfalls, storms, hail, north winds up to 7 Beaufort and temperature drop. The bad weather front is expected to set initially in Central Macedonia and later across the country. The Greek National Meteorological Service has issued a …

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Frenzy: 25K people have applied for 690 vacancies at Greece’s public hospitals

Greeks in frenzy for a job at a public hospital. A total of 690 vacancies have been opened for nurses, paramedical professions and administrative staff and thus for graduates of secondary education or vocational schools IEK. And Greeks are storming the electronic applications system to grab one of the very …

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Incredible rainfall floods Crete; monster abandons puppy in the storm

 Strong rainfall and gale winds hit the island of Crete Tuesday night causing unprecedented floods and putting people and animals in danger. The area most affected is the Irakleion prefecture where firefighters rescued some 60 people: men, women, children and elderly have climbed to roof tops to escape the water …

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When it rains, Athens and Piraeus turn into Greek …Venice! (picts, video)

The absolute chaos! Main roads turn into rivers and lakes with floating vehicles and garbage bins.  Homes and shops are flooded, while the fire brigades received more than 300 calls to pump water. It took two to three heavy rain showers to mutate the streets in several suburbs in Athens …

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