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Winter Sales start in Greece, will run from Jan 14 until Feb 28, 2019

Winter Sales in Greece have started today, Monday, January 14th and will run until Thursday, February 28th 2019. Retailers’ association clarified that, during the sales period, the price before and after the discount must be clearly displayed upon the items on sale, while retailers can also indicate the percentage discount. …

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Greece’s shopkeepers launch strike to protest law for opening shops 30 Sundays per year

The Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) announced it will launch a strike on Sunday, May 7, to protest legislation that will increase the number of Sundays that retail outlets are allowed to operate during the year. Opening shops 30 Sundays per year is included in the deal Greece …

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IMF wants open shops throughout Greece on 52 Sundays per year

The International Monetary Fund insists on opening shops on Sundays all through the year, claiming to boost competitiveness and the ‘wise” tool kits of the OECD. According to daily To Ethnos, the IMF submitted its demand to the Greek government last Friday via an e-mail. the IMF demanded the opening …

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Greek Court orders temporary suspension of shops opening on Sundays

Greece’s Council of State ordered the temporary suspension of shops opening on Sundays. Traders, retailers and private sector unions had appealed to the court asking the cancellation of shops opening on Sundays. According to the Court’s reasoning, the opening of shops on Sundays will lead to “irreparable financial harm” and …

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