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Three years in IMF, there are still tax “untouchables”: the caste of Greek millionaires

Three years after Greece sought the money of IMF and drained every employee, pensioner and property owner with unbearable taxes, Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras openly admits: there is still a caste of people the tax authorities do not dare to touch. People with millions in the bank who declare income below …

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Greece’s tax inspectors on strike, Apr 23/2013

Do not bother and go to the tax office on Tuesday, April 23rd 2013. Tax inspectors will be on strike. They will launch this action as a warning to government about upcoming firing of public servants. Greek government agreed to sack 15,000 civil servants until end of 2014 after pressure …

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Greece’s Tax Officers on 48h Strike, Nov 29-30/2012

Greece’s tax officers and inspectors will launch a 48-hour strike on upcoming Thursday and Friday, November 29-30th 2012, follwoing  a decision taken by their union POE-DOY. Civil servants in Greece’s financial services react to “any plans for privatization, of tax office mergers without criteria, the abolition of tax offices on …

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Athens: Strikes, Work Stoppages, Protest Rallies, Sept 20/2012

Traffic jams in all major streets of downtown Athens occurred on Thursday morning as thousands of residents had to use their vehicles to go to work due to the 24-hour strike at Metro, Tram and urban train ISAP. Workers protest wages cuts and demand the ticket fares to go down to one euro (from …

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Greek Fin Min: assets of 70 tax offices employees under investigation

Greek Finance Ministry is investigating the assets of about 70 employees, who declared an average income of €50,000 but were found out to possess real estate properties worth 800,000 to 3 million euros,  newspaper Ethnos  reported on its Sunday edition.  Furthermore 234 FinMin employees seem to have never submitted an income tax declaration, …

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