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Guardian: “Greece needs debts cancelled and growth” say 35 economists

35 economists say that Greece needs its debts cancelled and growth. In an open letter to the Guardian, the economists from several countries say among others that “the negative impact of austerity policies weaken economies” and have “severe effects to the poorest households.” They urge national governments to support “a …

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The Guardian has a poll on return of Parthenon Marbles: “Are you with George Clooney?”

George Clooney’s recent statement supporting the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece sparked a debate in Great Britain. The Guardian even started a public opinion survey with the title “Are you with him?” Is George Clooney correct? Should Britain return the Elgin marbles? While promoting his new film Monuments …

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What? Is Greecovery not real?

What? Is Greece’s recovery not real? Isn’t there any success story out there? Are the governments’ declarations not true? Do they throw smoke right in front of our eyes?   I have expressed my doubt since Samaras’ launched the famous “Greecovery campaign” a couple of weeks ago. Now, British The Guardian …

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Greek opposition leader Tsipras calls for European debt conference

Greek main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras from left-wing SYRIZA called for European debt conference and a debt ‘haircut’ for Greece and the entire Southern Europe as the only viable solution. In an exclusive interview to British daily “The Guardian“, Tsipras stressed that the austerity program is not working while it increases the …

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Alexis Tsipras Sends Open Letter to Merkel via The Guardian

 Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA, published an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel via British The Guardian. Sharply criticizing the bailout program, the vicious circle austerity and recession, Tsipras calls on Merkel to change this devastating policies, “the disastrous political and economic path” that applies also …

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Ex-PM Simitis: “Greece did not Cause the Euro Crisis” – Greek Recession at -18%?

 “My country was the spark, but it merely exposed the inherent flaws within the eurozone. ” The Greek prime minister who took the country into the euro zone Costas Simitis published an article at the British The Guardian. He speaks about deficits and successful measures, but blames the the European Union for failing to …

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