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Priest decries “trash donations” for Crete’s earthquake victims that include dirty clothes, carnival costumes

A high-ranking priest on the island of Crete decried ‘trash” donations for the victims of the Arkalochori earthquake on September 27. On his social media account, Achimandrite Agathagellos Giannakaris posted that the among the donations sent by people form different parts of the country were “dirty underwear, damaged bed-sheets, wedding …

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Garbage piling up due to municipality workers’ 48-hour strike

Municipality workers across Greece have launched a 48-hour strike in order to protest government plans to hand over to private investors part of municipality services. The strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 22-23, 2019, already shows its first impact with garbage bags to piling up especially in the big cities …

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Tonnes of Garbage pile up in Athens as Attica landfill remains close

Garbage bags outside the large neighborhood bins have been piling up in Athens, Piraeus and the suburbs as the landfill of Attica remains close for eighth consecutive day. With 2,000 tonnes fresh rubbish to land daily on the streets, residents and business owners in the Greek capital have reached the …

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Under the sea: Fighting Greece’s plastic trash problem

Dressed all in black and preparing his diving gear with loud zips and clicks, George Sarelakos looks like he’s part of a Greek naval operation ready to storm an island or take down smugglers. He’s not — but he and four other volunteer divers do have a challenging mission: Clearing …

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