Friday , March 31 2023
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Eco disaster: Thousands of dead crabs in protected Kotychi lagoon

Thousands of dead crabs have been washed up ashore in the shores of protected Kotychi wetland some 45 km away form the city of Patras, in north-western Peloponnese. According to local media, thousands of dead crabs have been recorded either washed up on the shores or they are floating dead …

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Prosecutor files against Thessaloniki hospital for discarding waste in protected wetland

Τhe public prosecutor of Thessaloniki filed a case against the general manager of Ippokratio hospital for discarding mattresses and rubble to the river Gallikos, a NATURA 2000 protected wetland, beginning of the year. Τhe issue turned into ping-pong ball between the Hospital and the Municipality and led to tragic-comic situations. …

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