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Wildfire rages on the island of Kythira for second day (picts, video)

Fire fighters have been struggling all day and all night to extinguish the huge wildfire that broke out on the island of Kythira on Friday morning. One settlement was evacuated, power outages occurred. It is not a majestic sun set – it’s a horrific wildfire The fire broke in the …

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Wildfires burn down pine forest on Spetses, rage in SE Attica

Wildfires season: Wildfire rage on several fronts in South-Eastern Attica and on the island of Spetses in the Saronic Gulf. Huge operations under way with firefighters, water dropping aircraft and helicopters. The fire on one of the most beautiful islands in the Saronic Gulf broke in the area Agioi Anargyroi  …

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62 wildfires across Greece in last 24 hours, risk remains high MAPs regions warning

At least 62 wildfires broke out in the last 24 hours across Greece. Fire brigades were able take the majority of the wildfires under control in time. Among them  there were three in Attica (Kryoneri, Lavrio, Artemida), one in Kalistaina Messini and one in Profitis Ilias, Herakleio, Crete, As high …

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UPD Greece Civil Protection warns of high risk for wildfires – Maps

Greece’s Civil Protection Authorities issued a statement warning of high risk for wildfires due to high temperatures and upcoming strong winds. The warning is for Sunday, July 2nd  2017. +++ Civil protection expanded the areas as at risk of wildfires due to the meteorological forecast for strong winds up to …

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Patras/Achaia: Several Areas in State of Emergency Due to Wildfires

 The areas of Ano and Kato Kastritsi, Argyra, Sellia and Platani in the Achaia prefecture, Western Peloponnese, have been declared into a state of emergency after wild fires broke in the early morning on Wednesday. Firefighters struggle to extinguish the fire, while residents of several communities are fleeing as flames threaten their …

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Greece Seeks International Aid to Combat Wildfires Near Athens

Greece sought international aid to combat the wildfires that started on Saturday, spread to an area of  20,000 acres and burnt of rural and agricultural land, several houses, professional sites and warehouses and causing dozens of residents to flee their homes in the Eastern Attica region some 30 to 50 km away from …

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