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Gov’t needs a new plan to manage the pandemic crisis, says ex Health Minister

The government needs to come up with a new plan to manage the coronavirus pandemic crisis, Andreas Xanthos, former Health Minister (SYRIZA) urged on Monday as the trend is upward, hospitalizations increase and most likely new restrictions are due. Speaking to Skai TV, Xanthos said Greece is “at a very …

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Refund for tests in diagnostic centers is”illegal”, says Health Minister

The dispute between the private diagnostic centers and the Health Ministry took a new turn after Minister Andreas Xanthos described as “illegal” the centers’ procedure to demand that insured patients pay 85% of the bill from their own pockets and claim refund by the National Health Insurance Fund EOPYY. He …

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€241million loss for Greek State as previous gov’ts did not claim rebates from pharma industry

The Greek state has suffered a loss totaling 241 million euros from not claiming back the rebates from the pharma industry. This was denounced by the Minister of Health, Andreas Xanthos, and Labor, Efi Achtsioglou, in an extraordinary press conference. The loss suffered by the Greek State over the period …

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Gov’t to write off debts of uninsured patients to Greece’s public hospitals

Health Minister Andreas Xanthos announced a legislation in order to facilitate the write off of uninsured patients’ debts to public hospitals and therefore to the tax office. Speaking to Sto Kokkino FM, Xanthos said that there have been confirmed debts amounting 28,000,000 euros for treatment of uninsured patients until 2015. …

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