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Greece’s Health Minister falls victim of yogurt attack

Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plevris was attacked with yogurt, while he was having lunch with his wife and children in a tavern of Petralona district of Athens at Sunday noon. In a post on Twitter, minister Plevris uploaded two pictures and blamed “brazen leftists” for the attack adding that also …

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Survey: 1:4 Greeks Would Hurl Eggs anf Yogurt Against Politicians

 Uncertainty and fear for the future, continuous hikes and taxes, unemployment and  wage cuts, arm the citizens’ hands who are ready to ‘explode’ against the politicians at the first opportunity. Reactions such as attacks with eggs and yogurt, and even the use of force against the politicians are considered by many as “effective practices”. The …

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Frustrated Pensioner Hurls Yogurt At FinMin Venizelos

Pensioner Yannis Lemonis is a member of socialist party PASOK. He had gone and took position as early as the doors for the National Convention of PASOK, that takes place in Faliro, suburb of Athens, a week before the elections for the new party leadership. In times of austerity and the Troika-Memorandums Lemonis …

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Greeks hurl yogurt at Deputy Prime Minister (video)

It was shortly after 10 pm last night when Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos was enjoying a dinner together with his wife and some friends in Kalyvia town in southeast Attica basin. A group of  150 angry residents from nearby town of Keratea  gathered outside the tavern to protest the …

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