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Paul Krugman: Ending Greece’s Nightmare

Hardly has been announced that SYRIZA won the elections and several internet trolls started their poisonous work, also here in this blog.  Trolls came out of their caves and rub their hands full of glee and sardonic smiles as their venomous saliva running down their jaws. They set up their clock …

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NYT op-ed: Only the Left Can Save Greece

Samaras’ coalition government did not fall apart, the prime minister of Greece survived another crisis, however   the risk of early elections has not being averted. The economic austerity circumstances make the survival of any coalition government and Samaras in PM-chair for another three years almost impossible. Just to add some …

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NYT Op-Ed: Greece Arrests the Messenger

Hey! Caught red-handed and exposed even on the other side of the big river!  Renomated New York Times sharply criticized “Greece’s slow and cumbersome justice system” and “mainstream Greek politicians”: the first for showing a “stunning swiftness” to arrest investigative Kostas Vaxevanis, and the latter for “shamefully stripping the poorest and most vulnerable from …

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