Sunday , September 24 2023
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Mysterious lights over Evia and Rhodes (videos)

Mysterious lights appeared in the night sky over the islands of Evia and Rhodes on Sunday, July 16, 2023. The lights appeared and disappeared having locals and tourists wondering about the phenomenon. the lights weren’t neither UFOS nor riding or fallen angels as some suggested but Εlon Musk’s Starlink SpaceX …

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Cyber ​​attack targets 800 services of Greece’s, incl Tax and Medical prescriptions systems

Cyber ​​attack targets 800 services of Greece’s and TAXISnet – Medical prescriptions frozen. The  unprecedented DDoS attack reportedly came from the Netherlands One of the biggest cyber attack s to hit Greece took place on Friday morning against the information systems of the Ministry of Digital Governance, centered on …

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Sarantaporo broadband project connects villages on remote mountains in central Greece

A small group of young people from the remote mountains of Thessaly in central rural Greece returned home to realize that their village Sarantaporo still had not internet access. Telecom companies had no interest in investing to bring the necessary infrastructure there, so the group set out to create a …

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