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AI features creepy little monsters on Greece’s National Day parade

A real cringe child leads the students’ parade on Greece’s National Day on October 28. The boy has a deformed face and fingers and is holding a fake Greek flag on a bent pole.A bad joke combining Greece’s National Day and American Halloween? Or just a reckless product created by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The tasteless picture apparently created in 20 seconds was posted by a Cypriot MP of the Democratic Party on Saturday on X/Twitter who wished Greece on the occasion.

“Immortal Greek spirit! Many Happy Returns Greece! Many Happy Returns to Hellenism everywhere!” she wrote.

As expected, the tweet that gained 223,8 thousands views went viral with many negative reactions and comments but also laughter and creativity.

“The parents of little Thanasis break out in anger over the mockery of their son on social media: They compare our little angel to a monster!’

Many criticized the MP for uploading a picture with a flag that is not even Greek and a zombie-child that holds a sausage. others lashed out at her saying she should be ashamed, reported.

With a new tweet on Monday, MP Christiana Erotokritou spoke of a “graphic mistake” and she apologized “for an inattention that should not have happened.” She deleted the controversial tweet.

But Erotokritou was not the only Cypriot MP who uploaded a distorted picture created by AI.

It was also the deputy president of the same party, Eftymios Diplaros, who posted the kid’s  …cousins: little girls with 6 fingers in hands and toes walking next to obviously “dismembered” arms holding the distorted Greek flag and a student with a creepy face on the background.

Diplaros closed comments on the said tweet and as he blocked me I, therefore, cannot check whether he also deleted his spooky tweet.

There are rumors, though, that AI is getting ready for the big bang on Greece’s second National Day on March 25th.


I could not find out who was the creator of the picture of little but honorable Greece kicking the Ottoman a** in 1821.

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