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The Greece Blame Game Revisited

Greeks have seen this film of  “Greece Blame Game” a thousand times since 2010. At first, it was the Euro crisis, now it is the Refugees. For the European “partners” economically weak Greece is the easy target that can be blamed everything, for all problems of the European Union.  EU’s …

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Diaspora-Greeks: Ashamed of being Greek! ?

contributed by Blog-Fan: Thomas/USA  I am a Greek-American of the “diaspora” who can legitimately claim that I know both cultures fairly well.  In our US community, Greek-Americans are held at the highest regard. The level of respect and even admiration we enjoy in our community is more than obvious.  Before …

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Greek Businessman: Bankruptcy is not the solution!

There is a lot of talk about Restructuring Greece’s Debt , which many Greeks define as ‘official bankruptcy’. A friend of mine, a businessman, posts his opinion… “Bankruptcy of  Greece  is not the solution. In case the country goes bankrupt not only lenders will not touch anything Greek but we are doomed to go bankrupt …

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