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Greek Businessman: Bankruptcy is not the solution!

There is a lot of talk about Restructuring Greece’s Debt , which many Greeks define as ‘official bankruptcy’.

A friend of mine, a businessman, posts his opinion…

“Bankruptcy of  Greece  is not the solution.

In case the country goes bankrupt not only lenders will not touch anything Greek but we are doomed to go bankrupt again. It is a known practice in Greece that everything here is  ‘closed’ and ‘opens’ only with ‘oil’ – commissions under the hand -.

What we need are  radical and innovative moves.

 For example, this year 80% of  the businesses will have losses.  The consequence will be that tax offices will not collect anything; on the contrary they will probably owe more than before. 

So why not to make the simple.. Tiered tax on businesses, but yet better than our competition in our neighbor countries.


2,5 % tax for the  first  €100.000

5 % tax for € 100.000 to 1 million.

10% for more than € 1 million

12,5 % for  Companies assigned to Athens Stock Exchange.

Plus opening of the ‘closed’ to everyone professions and land use.

This model would give a huge breath and a new perspective to all businessmen

 Of course, in case a company committes tax evasion all movable and immovable assets should be confiscated.  At the same time the shareholders, the CEO, the president, the board should be accountable.

 This is a just idea of mine. Right or Wrong, that’s subjective.

The problem is it is not MY duty to bring ideas.

The Ministers and the rest of state officials realize slowly but gradually what Giorgos (Prime Minister) has signed for. They start to understand that with such austerity measures thy sign their political conviction.

 That’s why the clown Minister of Labor acts as if he were on stage, saying there are not 40 years of work, pensions are not 48% of salary, not everybody has to work until the 65th year of age.

We have signed the austerity measures and he (Labor Minister) has to tell us the news.  In Antique Tragedies here is the point where they kill the messenger.

Right now Greece is playing the future of its grandchildren at the roulette table.

Currently, Greece is where the future of her grandchildren, roulette. Greece is doing nothing to change the course of the situation. All the responsible keep telling lies,  find jobs for their own people, ignoring and not caring about the rest of us.

The problem of the Greeks, is neither frugality not austerity . I believe the problem of the average Greek is the injustice the common Greek experiences.  At some certain point of time those governing must understand that justice may be subjective but the law is objective and timeless.”

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