Thursday , July 25 2024
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Holy Fire Ceremony in Jerusalem (Live Streaming)

Thousands of worshippers have gathered at the the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Saturday morning to celebrate the Holy Fire Ceremony. Holding 33 candles marking the age of Jesus Christ, Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III  of Jerusalem traditionally receives the Holy Flame that symbolizes Jesus Resurrection on Holy Saturday, the …

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Tsiknopempti: The Greek tradition with grilled meat and heavy smoke

Sausages, pork, lamb and chicken chops, meats of all kind are thrown to the open fire, get roasted or grilled, while their smell and smoke fill the neighborhoods. It’s the traditional Tsiknopempti – Charred Thursday or Smoky Thursday- Greeks love to celebrate during the Carnival season and before the start …

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Greece in top 5 countries for expat retirement

CEOWORLD magazine has placed Greece in the Top 5 countries for expat retirement in 2024 after releasing the “Global Expat Retirement Index 2024 Survey”, a guide listing the countries that offer the most stability for those thinking of retiring abroad. A leading business magazine for CEOs, CFOs, high-level executive professionals, …

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Rare icon flown from Mt Athos to Athens for pilgrimage

A rare Greek icon named “Axion Esti” from the monks community of Mt. Athos was flown to Athens on Wednesday for pilgrimage at the Cathedral in the Greek capital. The icon, which rarely leaves Mt Athos, was welcomed with honors accorded a head of state. Ιt was reportedly Archbiship Hieronymos …

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Flower show of Kifissia opens its gates in northern Athens

The annual flower show in Kifissia suburb of northern Athens opened its gates on Thursday, April 27, 2023. The 69th show focuses on Greek gardens. More than 2,000 species of Greek and foreign flora will be on display in 86 stands in the Dimitris Zomopoulos Park until May 14th. Opening …

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