Thursday , July 18 2024


“Paper Dragon”: Authorities uncover tax evasion ring involving 287 Chinese-owned businesses

Operation “Paper Dragon”: 287 retail stores of Chinese interest active in Greece were found out to have committed big scale tax evasion The international organized tax evasion ring involving Greek and Chinese businessmen, accountants and technicians was supplying companies with cash registers, specialized algorithm mechanisms and software to avoid paying …

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Tourist family assaulted in Heraklio, Crete

A tourist family was assaulted in a bar in Heraklio, Crete, by a group of young locals on Monday night. The family father has been hospitalized with head and face injuries. The 49-year-old Greek-Canadian man with origin from Anogia, his 41-year-old Icelandic wife, their two sons, aged 21 and 18 …

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Heatwave with 38-40°C to hit Greece July 10-15

Mercury started an upward course again on Tuesday, July 9, and it forecast to reach 40 degrees Celsius. A heatwave again expected to last several days. High temperatures will be recorded mainly in the western mainland and Thessaly, while winds in the Aegean will reach 7 Beaufort. According to director …

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Patras wildfire: Children’s hospital, elderly home evacuated

Children from a hospital and elderly from a nursing home have been evacuated as a wildfire is raging in Patras, western Greece, on Tuesday. The fire is still raging due to strong winds. Video: Children’s Hospital evacuation Εκκενώνεται το #Καραμανδανειο. Θαυμάστε εικόνα ευρωπαϊκής χώρας. #φωτια #Πατρα — idiotypos 🍉 …

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14 arrested, incl. 9 public officials, for extorting business owners in downtown Athens

Authorities in Athens dismantled a criminal organization extorting business owners in the city’s center to avoid administrative fines and inspections. Police have arrested 14 people, including nine public officials and members of the municipality police. The suspects face multiple charges, including forming a criminal organization, extortion, and bribery. It is …

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Summer sales kick off in Greece on July 8

Summer sales in Greece kicked off on Monday, July 8 and will last until August 31, 2024. Under the current law, stores can open voluntarily on July 14, the first Sunday of the sales period, on a schedule of 11:00 to 20:00. According to assessments, this summer’s sales target is …

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