Friday , March 22 2019

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Firefighters and volunteers struggle against wildfire on Lesvos

Fire fighters and volunteers from neighboring areas are struggling to take the wildfire of a pine forest on the island of Lesvos under control. The work to extinguish the fire is proven to be  difficult due to the powerful north-east winds blowing in the area. Furthermore, the blaze burns down …

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Schaeuble wanted to resign after his 10-year Grexit plan was rejected

Nine years after Greece surrendered to international creditors and three tough bailout agreements with strict austerity, former German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told the Financial Times that he was a fierce supporter of Grexit from the very beginning. He also admitted that he wanted to resign when his Grexit plan …

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Blackout on Crete: Power gradually restored after explosion in PPC plant

A power-outage paralyzed the island of Crete following an explosion at the power plant of the Public Power Corporation in Linoperamata by Heraklio on Friday. The blackout caused major  problems in traffic, airports, hospitals and army facilities, while dozens of citizens were trapped in elevators.  “The power has been restored …

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Smart Benches installed in two main squares of Heraklio, Crete

The Municipality of Heraklio on the island of Crete installed four smart benches on two of the main squares of the city. The smart benches operate with solar energy and have full energy independence. They offer to the people the opportunity to re-charge their mobile phones and browse  through the …

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6:10 Greek families declared annual income of less than €10,000

A total of 8,907,722 Greek taxpayers paid 8.328 billion euros in taxes in 2018 on declared income of 73.612 billion euros, official figures showed on Thursday. The figures, released by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), showed that from the total declared income of 73.612 billion euros, 60.403 billion …

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