Wednesday , November 14 2018

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Groussaka: Prince Charles invents a royal-style Greek Moussaka

Prince Charles has invented a royal-style Greek Moussaka. A Groussaka! The dish is made with grouse instead of lamb meat. the Prince revealed his love of “groussaka” on the day he turns 70, on November 14.. The Prince of Wales made the comments in the latest edition of magazine Country …

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EP Rapporteur calls for suspension of EU-Turkey accessions talks

European Parliament Rapporteur Kati Piri proposes the formal suspension of accession negotiations with Turkey reiterating her call on Ankara to refrain from threatening Cyprus. Dutch socialist MEP Kati Piri presented on Wednesday to the European Parliament in Strasbourg her draft report on Turkey`s accession progress. Her report said that continuing …

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Landslide unearths pre-historic tusk in lignite plant in W. Macedonia

A landslide at the Amyntaio lignite coal mine unearthed a 2-meter-long tusk. The pre-historic finding was discovered by workers of the Greek Public Power Company when they went to inspect the landslide area last week. They immediately informed their director about the finding and on his part he informed the …

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Norwegian frigate sinks after collision with Greek-owned tanker

There go 400 million euros under water and the captain’s career. The Norwegian frigate “KNM Helge Ingstad“ sank deeper in the water in the night from Monday to Tuesday, just days after its  crew ignored warning signals by a Greek-owned tanker that a collision was imminent. The pictures made public by the …

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Crete: Drunken priest punches police officer, bites another

A drunk priest on the island of Crete punched one police officer and bit another after he was stopped for driving down a local road the wrong way. The priest was found on Sunday night to drive a lane in Herakleio’s main avenue the opposite way. He was driving under …

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Civil Servants in Greece launch 24-hour strike, Nov 14/2018

Public sector union ADEDY will launch a 24-hour strike on Wednesday, November 14th 2018. The planned protest rally to the Greek Parliament will disrupt traffic in downtown Athens. The union demands pay raise as well as increase of pensions. Both have been reduced several times since the bailout agreements in …

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