Wednesday , May 22 2019

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Turkey rejects “Pontic Greeks Genocide”, claims compensation from Greece

Bottomless audacity. Turkey wants compensation form Greece for the war of 1918-1922. Attacking Greek politicians for their statements on the Remembrance Day of the Pontic Greek Genocide on May 19, Ankara accuses them of fueling “hatred against Turkey” and “distortion of historical facts.” Calling Greek politicians “radicals” and “irresponsible”, a …

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299 children went missing in Greece in 2018, says Greek Police

Some 299 children went missing in Greece in 2018, according to data presented on Monday for International Missing Children’s Day by the Hellenic Police, which said that 257 of them had been eventually found. The data was presented on the occasion of the International Missing Children’s Day on May 25 …

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Tsipras makes hope for “Christmas bonus” for Greece’s pensioners

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras open the window for more benefits saying “our goal is a Christmas bonus” for the country’s pensioners. Speaking to news247 FM on Monday, Tsipras said that the government the so-called “13th pension equivalent to Easter bonus before it was cut due to austerity measures imposed by …

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