Sunday , May 19 2019

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Greek police rescues 74 migrants held as hostages in Thessaloniki

Greece’s police has rescued 74 migrants who were held hostages in a warehouse in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, northern Greece. They were in the hands of four foreign men who were demanding ransom from the victims’ families. According to a police press release, police teams raided the abandoned warehouse located …

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Golden Dawn ballots destroyed with antiseptic by unknown perpetrators

Unknown perpetrators have destroyed the whole load of municipality elections ballots of the far-right party Golden Dawn in the suburb of Kallithea, south Athens. The perpetrators used antiseptic Bedatine that soaked into the 92,000 ballot papers thus destroying them completely. According to local media, the incident took place short before …

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Supreme Court prosecutor appeals furlough denial for convict Koufontinas

Greece’s top prosecutor ordered late Friday the review of the decision denying 17. November convict Dimitris Kourontinas a furlough. The move by Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou comes with Koufontinas on hunger-strike since beginning of May and hospitalized in intensive care since Friday. Dimitriou’s reasoning for the appeal is that …

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Hail storm strikes Athens on a mid-May Friday (videos, pictures)

It poured down as meteorologists forecast: Heavy grey clouds gathered over Athens and Attica around 3 o’ clock Friday afternoon, thunder was heard, the sky opened and strong hail fall came down. The hail intensity was so powerful that within minutes the streets were covered with little white frozen balls. …

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Chasing Mark Zuckerberg on the Acropolis of Athens (Update)

“Have you seen Mark Zuckerberg?” one of the several Greek reporters asked stunned visitors of the Acropolis on Friday. Nobody has done so. Neither visitors nor staff at the tickets counter had seen the founder of biggest social media platform Facebook in, on or around the Acropolis. Reason for the …

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Nemesis Temple unearthed under ancient theater on Lesvos

A temple of Nemesis was found under the ancient theatre of Mytilini, on island of Lesvos, The remains of the temple of the ancient Greek goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods) were found in the south entry passage  under a series of …

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