Saturday , February 16 2019
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Populist Alliance has EU leadership paralyzed in its Brussels bubble

Italy’s far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and French populist Marie LePen met in Rome on Monday to seal a unholy alliance: they declared that they are the anti-establishment movement within the European Union. Salvini slammed the European Union for budget restrictions and austerity, the migration crisis as well as …

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The more Turkey is economically cornered, the ruder its “diplomacy” becomes

The inauguration of the renovated Greek Consulate in the coastal city of Izmir was anything but a well prepared show by Turkey to challenge Greece. Not only did they stage a “show of power” with Turkish aircraft; the chief of Turkish diplomacy dared challenged Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias who …

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What will happen if Greece abolishes the pension cuts despite creditors objections?

Greece insists that the austerity measure to further pension cuts as of 1. January 2019 is not necessary. Creditors try to avoid commenting on that, although the usual “Euro Sources Anonymous” claim that the euro finance ministers are against abolishing of the measure. “Greece’s budget 2019 will not include pension …

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Ghost of Christmas Present: PPC cuts power to mother of four

Ignorance? Want? Ugly, mean and greedy little creatures? That was in mid-Victorian England and in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  In the novel that has touched millions people ever since it was first published in 1843, ‘the two emaciated children” grow up to be adults, Ignorance as adult man in …

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With FDP in German coalition, Greeks could miss old chap Schaeuble

Greece is closely watching the political developments in Germany as the new coalition government that will be formed will have direct impact on the Greek debt and the discussions about its relief expected to begin after conclusion of the bailout program in August 2018. Right after the exit polls on …

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“I had agreed with Russia to give cash that would help with Grexit,” claims ex Syriza Minister

Panagiotis Lafazanis, energy minister in the first SYRIZA government, claimed he had agreed with Moscow in 2015 that Russia would make a down-payment for a gas pipeline so that the money could be used to finance rexit if the country would decide to leave the euro zone. Lafazanis told Vima …

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