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Mitsotakis reshuffles cabinet: Same people in new clothes

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis proceeded to a cabinet reshuffle on Friday in an effort to show to show that he received the voters’ message last Sunday where the conservative and neo-liberal New Democracy performed much lower than expected.

From the very first moment after the European Elections results and ignoring the 60% abstention, the ND narrative was “people trust us, they want us to proceed quicker with reforms.”

Apparently in this sens, Mitsotakis changed mainly only the ministers of Development, of Agricultural Development, Labor and Migration.

Ministers changed posts and ministers from the first Mitsotakis governance returned.

Recycling is not the solution to Greeks’ problems such as high prices, collapse of public health system, education and primary production sectors.

.Changing failure policies is the solution!

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