Tuesday , June 25 2024
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A better New Year 2024 for all of us

Year 2023 was difficult for many people privately, partly a disaster for Greece with the Tempi dead, the floods and the wildfires; a total catastrophe for Gaza and its people, with insecurity for the troubled whole world in general. Exchange wishes for the New Year is a nice tradition … …

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Christmas with Covid: Happy Festive Days for all

I’m still around three weeks after the Covid-infection, still a bit weak, still with this distorted taste that even my favorite traditional Christmas sweets like Melomakarona and glazed chestnuts, Maron glace, taste simply…tasteless. Melomakarona just taste sweet but without any aroma and the dough as exiting as white paper-napkins, while …

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Down with COVID – News must wait

I was tested COVId-Positive last week for the first time since the pandemic started 3.5 years ago and despite having kept all protection measures as before. I have mild symptoms and no fever, but an empty head and need endless hours of sleep and rest. I spend three days in …

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Alexis Tsipras resigns as SYRIZA leader. What’s next? (Op-Ed)

In an unexpected move but not a surprised one after the crushing defeat on the June 25 elections, Alexis Tsipras announced on Thursday noon that he resigns as leader of left-wing SYRIZA. He will not be a candidate in elections for the new party leadership, he added. This decision was …

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Op-Ed: Civil Protection Minister rules out “lightning” as cause of Athens fire

“Investigations have ruled out lightning or a short circuit as the causes of Tuesday’s Penteli fire in North-East Athens,” Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides said at an extraordinary life briefing on Wednesday afternoon. It was certainly a surprise for the former EU Commissioner to have to rule out “lightning” on …

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