Tuesday , November 13 2018
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Greece Weather skips Autumn, goes from Late Summer to Early Winter

It looks as if Greece’s weather has skipped autumn this year temperature-wise. Still last week temperatures in Greece reached up to 26 and 27 degrees Celsius, calm waters and full sunshine. This week, however, temperatures are forecast to dramatically drop and bring “early winter.” According to meteorologists, temperatures are expected …

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Greece’ Meteo Service: Updated Weather Warning for Sept 30-Oct 1

Greece’ National Meteorological Service has issued a weather warning with regards to the phenomena along the path of Mediterranean Cyclone Zorbas that is currently sweeping across the country. At the same time, Civil Protection is appealing at citizens and especially motorists to keep with protection measures and to not take risks. …

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Medicane Zorbas: Extreme weather phenomena forecast until Monday, Oct 1

Greece’s National Meteorological Service issued an updated Red Alert Warning on Saturday afternoon. The warning refers to the extreme weather phenomena that strike the country in the form of Mediterranean Cyclone Zorbas. The word ‘Medicane” deprives from “Mediterranean” and “hurricane”, a phenomenon that is rare in the Mediterranean basin. In …

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Greek National Meteo issues Red Alert Weather Warning on Medicane

The Mediterranean Cyclone, Medicane Zorbas, is being rapidly formed and continues to strengthen in early Friday afternoon, Sept 28 2018. The National Meteorological Service has issued a RED ALERT Weather WARNING. The path of the Medicane according to latest forecast. The rare phenomenon is in full development in the South …

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Mediterranean Cyclone “Medicane” forecast for Ionian Sea on Friday

Meteorologists forecast a ‘Medicane’, a Mediterranean Cyclone, in the Ionian Sea on Friday, September 28th 2018. The rare phenomenon of a tropical-style cyclone occurs twice a year in the Mediterranean basin. “There is a possibility that a relatively unusual phenomenon, a Mediterranean cyclone or ‘Medicane’, will occur in the south …

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Torrential rains strike Crete, close Samaria Gorge for a day

Torrential rainfalls and heavy lightning created a series of problems on the island of Crete and have the Samaria gorge to be closed for a day. The famous Samaria gorge will remain closed on Friday, Sept 14th 2018, due to serious damages caused by  severe weather conditions a day earlier, …

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