Thursday , June 13 2024
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Rare Black Swan spotted in Evros Delta, NE Greece

A black swan was spotted in the waters of the Evros Delta in north-eastern Greece the other day. A rare appearance in the area that impressed with its beauty those responsible for the protected area. The lone black swan was spotted by the staff of the Evros Delta Management Unit …

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Parks to protect the emblematic deer of Rhodes to be established

Greece’s Environment ministry and the local government have decided to establish parks for the protection of the deer on the island of Rhodes. According to data by the University of Thessaloniki deer on Rhodes amounts to 6,284, locals speak of a much higher but unspecified number. According to a joint …

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Livestock will “die of starvation” warn breeders in flooded Greece (videos)

Livestock that survived the recent floods in central Greece will “die of starvation” if there is no immediate steps taken to cover the shortage in animal feed, breeders in flood-stricken areas in Central Greece warn. Surviving animals are at risk to die either of starvation or from contaminated water as …

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Dolphins pod in spectacular water choreography in Central Greece (video)

The big pod of dolphins returned once again in the waters of central Greece and gave a unique performance. The well-known large pod of dolphins of dozens of adult and young dolphins  enjoyed the blue waters of Theologos in Fthiotida, central Greece, The bay of Theologos is a well-known refuge …

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UPD What is Athens missing? Police on horseback, says Minister

The center of Athens will be policed by a new force, that is police on horseback starting in 2024, Minister of Citizen Protection, Notis Mitarakis revealed on Wednesday, after he signed the relevant decision a day earlier. he also revealed the end of university police and the straightening of patrols. …

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