Tuesday , February 7 2023
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“We Need Books”: Library with 14,000 books in 30 languages in downtown Athens

“We Need Books” is an NGO that functions as a library and, more broadly, a multicultural space in Kypseli, a vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhood in the centre of Athens. The library features 14,000 books in over 30 languages and at least 6 alphabets, and also includes a children’s library. …

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Expats report: “Fragments of a life in several places across Greece”

We love to hear by expats writing about their experiences from their life in Greece. Jacqueline Paizis, an author and KTG reader sent us her “fragments of a life” here and told us also about a book she wrote, a novel “the Cleaner of Kastoria.” Greece has been part of …

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Holy Fire: No “divine miracle” but a human hand holding a lighter?

A shock for the Greek orthodox Christians. A Greek journalist claims that the Holy Fire is not the result of a divine miracle but the product of the physical interaction between a human hand and a …lighter. In his recently published book “Lamentation – About the Holy Fire” journalist Dimitris …

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Athens: World-class Creative Writing course in English

World-class Creative Writing course in English offered in Athens. Below is a press release sent to KTG by Demetris Bogiatzis. Have you always nursed the desire to craft superbly-wrought novels, short stories, plays or fairy tales in English and gain access to a market of billions of readers worldwide? Are …

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Books: “Falling in Honey” by Jennifer Barclay

What are the best friends on a rainy afternoon? A good book. A cup of tea. A plate with home made cookies. A cat cuddled in your lap. Or a dog softly resting his paw on your knee. Little things in life that add together to create the perfect scenery …

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