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Greece has the slowest download internet speed across the EU

Greece, the country that aspires to be a tech hub and the basis for digital nomads, has the slowest and most expensive internet across Europe.

In a study presented by the European Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, in several countries a significant percentage of cities have a connection slower than 30 Mbps.

Greece is at the bottom of the EU member states with just 29 Mbps, when top countries like Denmark and France have average download speed of 140 and 139 Mbps respectively.

“In France, Italy and Latvia this percentage is just over 50 percent. The Czech Republic and Slovakia reach 65.4 percent and 70.1 percent, respectively, with peaks coming close to complete coverage in Cyprus (85 percent), Croatia (89.2 percent) and Greece (93.2 percent).”

Comparing the data collected by Speedtest in Q1 and Q4 2020, we can see that all countries, albeit to varying degrees, experienced higher average download speeds in the latter part of the year. This may be due to a number of factors, from progress network development to the fact that many people during the pandemic have been forced to invest in a fast connection in order to work from home. Overall, the infrastructure seems to have held up to increased traffic and demand for high performance.

Full report here.

In Greece’s rural areas internet speed is miserable, Greeks posted on social media, while I have to say that also in Athens there are times when the internet speed can drive one nuts. Completely.

It lags like a heavy loaded donkey having to climb a hill under the hot summer sun.

Other EU studies have shown that Greece has also the most expensive internet across EU – and for this blame the fixed prices among the several providers that in fact offer the same expensive price.

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  1. Yer!!!!! We know

  2. Yes, every year the same article but nothing changes.
    I bet the ministers are deeply invested in the current monopoly.
    Mitsotakis should be weeping in shame on national television offering excuses. Instead of that he acts like circus monkey in a suit pretending to be something.

  3. 2Mbps (oui, oui, 2, deux) à la campagne à syros… qui dit mieux 😉 😉 ??

  4. One advantage of growing old, and there aren’t many, is a long memory. Back in the 70s I was involved in analysing satellite data using two different computers on the same site near Oxford. The fastest way to transfer data from one computer centre to the other was a 60 year old lady who cycled across the campus with a number of 10.5″ computer tapes in the basket of her bicycle.

    The problem with averages is that they don’t tell you the whole story. I live in a village on Crete so not exactly the centre of the universe. I get almost exactly the 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speed that I am paying for. In a village 2 km away friends are struggling to get one tenth of that speed.

    • I live in Agios Nikolaos on Crete – in the centre too – and I’m getting 12Mbps.

      You’re right about averages. I used to live in a village in the UK where there lived a man who only had one arm. That meant that I had more than the average number of arms for people living in my village…!

  5. Mary Louise Abbruzzese

    I have DSL on Rhodes. It doesn’t matter if I pay for a higher speed with DSL. It will never be fast Pathetic. I

  6. The speed is faster than using 56k modem!

  7. To be honest … i used to complain about speed here on Kalymnos (paid for 20 got between 3-5) but since a year it changed. Got 200 mb down contract and average speed is actually over 200. (probably one of the few lucky ones so average looks better that it really is :S