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Online platform for vaccination of ages 60-64 & 75-79 opens Feb 10 and 12

The online platform for booking vaccination appointments against Covid-19 for citizens of certain age groups will open on February 10 and 12, Health Ministry Secretary General for Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous on Monday evening.

The platform for those aged 60-64 will open on Wednesday, February 10, and for those aged 75-79 on Friday, February 12, 2021.

The age group 60-64 will most likely receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Speaking at the same briefing on Monday, Professor Maria Theodoridis, Head of the National Vaccination Committee, said that the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is “safe, offers immunization and is effective in ages 18 and above.”

She added that the committee looked into all the scientific data before deciding not to have it administered to anyone over the age of 65, but she did explain that “bearing in mind the small number of participants, the committee might decide otherwise according to potential new data.”

The vaccine will be given to anyone aged between 18 and 64, in two doses taken 12 weeks apart.

“We are currently experiencing two pandemics,” the professor mused: “One is the Covid-19 pandemic and the other is one of an extreme amount of information, which gives rise to fear and insecurity. Scientists can handle the first, but as far as the other is concerned, one has to follow the simple rule of ‘all in good measure’ “, she concluded.

Some 410,000 citizens have so far been inoculated in Greece, which translates to 3.9% of the country’s population.

The online platform for vaccination is here: The registration procedure is in Greek only. Appointments can be arranged with the assistance of the local pharmacist, too.

The other age groups (65-74 and high risk groups) will be inoculated according to the general vaccination schedule. After the 75-79, a group of 70(?)-74 will follow etc etc.

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  1. Hmm.. so what happens to those between 65 & 74?

    • Because they’re not giving the Astra Zeneca vaccine to over-65s, the 60-64 year-olds will be first to receive the AZ vaccine, while 65-74 year-old have to wait till after the over-75s to get the other vaccines.

    • You wait a little longer. The reason for the 60-64 being ‘slotted in earlier’ is because the AZ vaccine has had insufficient data to confirm effectiveness in 65+ group. It will all level out in time. Chris (aged 64 and a half)

  2. I was born in July 1956 and I am 64 years old. The government here sees me as 65 and won’t give me the vaccine. This is total BU** sh**! So the day after my birthday I will be eligible for a metro fare discount because I am “over 65?” We’ll see about that….