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Greece’s Tourism Minister reveals plans for opening before May 14, non-EU tourists, yachting, cruises

Greece’s Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis opened a window for the possibility to open the doors for tourists even before May 14 should the pandemic situation allow it. At the same time, he revealed plant to gradually open for some non-EU countries as well as for yachting and blue cruises.

In an interview with state-run news agency amna, Theoharis said “if everything goes well on the Covid-19 front, with the first crack, Greece will be able to receive tourists even earlier,” than May 14, the date Greece has announced as the official start of the tourism season in 2021.

“We are talking about the gradual liberalization of travel from Europe, the USA, the United Kingdom, Israel, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates,” the minister said.

He added, that yachting (departures / arrivals) will be allowed, as well as cruises without stops in ports , the so-called “blue cruises.”

International interest in the opening of Greek tourism is very high and is often expressed with great anticipation, the minister said.

t the –pilot- opening of tourism is underway in April, one month before the official date.

Stressing that Greece is a pioneer in the implementation of health protocols, Theoharis estimated that these in combination with the Digital Green Vaccination Certificate will contribute significantly to the growth of tourism in the country.

Sending the message “in Greece We Care”, he explained that in order for tourists to come to the country, one must either be vaccinated or have recovered from the disease or have a negative test.

He added that when one arrives in Greece, one will be subjected to a sampled, targeted check at the airport with the innovative “EVA” system, that rapid tests will be carried out and that there will be isolation hotels for coronavirus cases.

the Tourism Minister said that the updated health protocols for the safety of tourism employees and visitors will be announced in the coming days.

Theoharis reiterated the vaccination of workers in the tourism sector is a priority after the vaccination of people with underly8ing health problems.

Interview in Greek here.

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  1. Maybe put a bit more effort into the job in hand first, pal

  2. A Easy Jet flight from Berlin arrived at Chania airport today at lunchtime….Ummmm ! Thought flights from lockdown countries were stopped??? What is going on??

    • keeptalkinggreece

      KTG understands it’s for a TV show

      • Yes KTC that is correct it’s for a German gay reality show. My wife has just read that on a news site.
        This is the same country that occupied most of Europe in the last war, how things change

  3. I take it the government have announced that the people working in tourism will be vaccinated as a priority after the vulnerable people have been done.
    They announced last week that my age group platform will be open early April, does this mean,my age group have to wait longer giving the problems vaccine supply

    • I also had to wait for a window of opportunity which was weird as age groups on either side were being vaccinated first…what the reason is I couldn’t figure out. It may have been because of supply but that doesn’t really make much sense….Good luck.

  4. Citizen daffy duck

    What does he mean by “first crack”
    Going by the increase in daily figures, any sign of this “first crack ” have been we’ll and truly covered by quick drying concrete.

  5. And where will Mr Tourist eat? Where will Mr Tourist go for a drink? Does Mr Minister realize that everything is still shut on smaller islands where Mr Tourist will visit?

    • Exactly…..!! and what happens if all these tourists fall ill? It all falls on the overstressed health service!

  6. Not judging, just doing a comparison, that’s all

  7. platt camel blue

    And just how do you explain why a mainland Greek cannot go to Crete on holiday, has to go on foot to the beach and see foreign camper vans parked there, cannot leave his locality, cannot open an accomodation, simply cannot go on an easter holiday?
    We have been in a Greece lockdown for months respecting every rule EVEN if we drive a german registered car. Maybe I can rent it out to a Greek family so they can drive around freely???