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Greek Mafia: Execution of a 44-year-old with over 80 bullets in Athens (VIDEOS)

A 44-year-old prominent member of the Greek Mafia was executed with over 80 bullets outside his fuel station in Neos Kosmos district of Athens in the early hours of Sunday.

The attack took place a few minutes before 2 o’ cl0ck in the morning as the victim Vangelis Z., was getting into his armored car. He came under an unprecedented “storm”  of fire and fell dead next to his car. The victim allegedly carried a gun, however, he had no time to use it.

Videos from CCTV cameras: ATTENTION Age Restriction!

According to daily, police has collected 97 Kalashnikov casings from the crime scene and the victims vehicle.

Citing police sources, media reported that there were 3 to 4 attackers in a stolen car who used 2 to 3 different Kalashnikov weapons as well as a 9-mm pistol.

The unknown perpetrators immediately fled the scene and reportedly abandoned their car in Haidari suburb of western Attica near the Athens-Corinth highway thus setting it on fire. They most likely continued their escape on another car provided by accomplices.

Victim’s long criminal record

Open TV reported that the victim was known to police in the last 20 years, when he was accused of burning a car in Laconia, Peloponnese, and fired at policemen chasing him.His name has been involved in case files in 2012, 2015 by the extortion department of the security while he was also involved in case files and for robberies in remittances.

Media reported that the victim was known for serious criminal cases, such as his participation in the Greek Mafia, but also his involvement in a group of extortionists active in Haidari, Korydallos and Glyfada suburbs of west and east Athens.

His name had also been involved in case files referring to extortion, execution of death contracts and murder cases in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018.

However, there was never enough evidence to bring him to justice, noted.

Five years ago, the 44-year-old had survived a similar attack, when one of the Kalashnikovs used jammed and he was injured with four bullets in the hands and the feet.

As police continues investigation at the crime scene, authorities speak of a “well organized execution plan” and of “another chapter in the war of the night scene” that began in 2017.

Citing police sources, daily noted that “a very long cycle is completed and closed as the 44-year-old was one of the first big names in the Greek Mafia and when the cleanup began his name was involved in many murders of people of the night.”

State broadcaster ER reported earlier that this was the 16th murder among members of the Greek Mafia in the last 7 years.

More about the Greek Mafia here.

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  1. Does anyone know why the Greek media isn’t revealing his full name?

  2. The video on X shows it better. They basically kept on firing at the bullet proof window until bullets got through. At one moment, the perp opens the door, which was apparently not locked, and fired some more.

    He never saw it coming because probably he was on his smartphone… Smartphones are dangerous!