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Rare Black Swan spotted in Evros Delta, NE Greece

A black swan was spotted in the waters of the Evros Delta in north-eastern Greece the other day. A rare appearance in the area that impressed with its beauty those responsible for the protected area.

The lone black swan was spotted by the staff of the Evros Delta Management Unit who posted pictures of the beautiful bird, calling it a “pleasant surprise”.

The impressive bird was spotted on Monday, April 29.

It should be noted that the black swan (Cygnus atratus) is a large waterfowl found mainly in the southeastern and southwestern regions of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Black Swans reportedly first became known in Europe in 1697, when Dutchman Willem de Vlamingh explored the Swan River in Western Australia.

The black swan is a monogamous species. Lives in pairs in large lakes, rivers and sometimes along coasts.

Its wingspan reaches 2 meters.

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