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Chemotherapy treatment “postponed” in big Athens hospital due to lack of funds

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in Attiko Hospital in Athens were shocked to be informed that their treatment is postponed on indefinite time. The patients were informed by phone on Thursday. Hospital workers president and doctor at Attiko ICU, Mihalis Rizos, told news outlet, that hospital employees learned form the …

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Austrian NGO supplies Greek hospital with drugs & paramedic material for uninsured patients

Gauze, catheters, syringes, cotton, latex-gloves, but also drugs and medicine for cancer patients. Medical and paramedical material. A whole of 5 tons of aid has reached state hospital ELPIS. The humanitarian aid has the sole purpose to be used for patients without insurance. The aid has been sent to ELPIS …

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“Death Penalty” For Cancer Patients in Greece as Health Care Collapses

Cancer patients have reached the point of not being able to take their medication because they have no money to buy them as pharmacists protest the national health care organisation EOPYY and do not give prescription medicine on credit. At the same time hospitals postpone cancer surgeries due to retention of physicians. The huge …

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Politicians Brawl Over the Body of the Greek Patient Struggling to Get Life-Saving Medicines

The greatness of their insignificance show politicians fighting over the exhausted body of the Greek patient. The ball of responsibility is thrown in all directions. While patients struggle to find life-saving medicine, the Greek health sector has collapsed, the National Healthcare System (EOPPY) has difficulties to get important supplies, pharmacists do not hand …

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Medicine Shortages: The Drag with the Greek Drugs

Significant shortages in medications have been recorded in Greece. Cheap medicines but even expensive for cancer treatment seem to have disappeared from the shelves of public (state hospitals, IKA pharmacy) and private pharmacies. 243 “commercial” drugs out of 500 are just not available. In the majority, the shortages concern antibiotics, …

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