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The Epitaphios procession is quite different in a cemetery (pictures)

In Greek Orthodox Easter, the procession of Epitaphios marks the peak of the Passion Week on Good Friday. Epitaphios, Lamentation upon the Grave, is in fact an icon, consisting of a large, embroidered and often richly adorned cloth, bearing an image of the dead body of Christ. It is  often …

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Good Friday: The Epitaph procession in Greek Orthodoxy VIDEO

Good Friday, the peak of the Passion Week. the day of absolute mourning for Christianity. The day commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at the Calvary. I it is the most solemn day of Holy Week. The day ends with the candlelit Epitaph procession through the streets, …

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Greek Orthodox customs to honor the dead on Good Friday

I find it always deeply touching how Greeks honor their dead before major holidays like Christmas and Easter. On Good Friday, the peak of the Passion Week, Greeks go to the cemeteries with the arms full of flowers to lay on the graves of their beloved ones. After washing the …

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