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All Quiet on the Greek front

It’s all quiet on the Greek front this morning, twelve hours after the EU Leaders agreed to save Greece. The Euro zone Summit ended last night with lots of smiles and lots of unanswered questions by politicians and bankers. We still have to wait and see the details of the …

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Guest Post: The Tragicomedy of Europe and the Greek crisis

 Things are very serious in Brussels today and yet. Until we got there, the coming and going of the European leaders and the other decision makers of the Greek crisis drama were bearing features of a tragicomedy. The following article was written a couple of days ago by Polyvios Petropoulos, …

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Greece – Euro Zone Summit

With eyes turned to Euro Zone Summit and holding their breath Greeks monitor the overwhelming developments in Brussels, lurk for the slightest official or off the record comment that could hind or imply a positive or negative development for the Greek debt crisis. The aim is to reduce the massive Greek debt, to help …

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Euro Zone Summit: Greece in Agony

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou flies for Brussels today to have a series of meetings, which are covered in full secrecy for fear of any leakage of solution scenarios. “We go to the Summit with specific positions, but without specific goals”, a senior government official said, explaining that all scenarios …

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Euro Zone Summit: Greece’s Non-Negotiable Requests

The Greek debt clock is ticking and the Greek officials feverly check the options ahead the Euro Zone Summit on upcoming Thursday, where the Euro Leaders will discuss the second bailout for Greece, estimated to be 100 billion euro. While EUro officials concentrate try to find out ways for the participation of …

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