Thursday , April 18 2019
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ANGOLAS MERKOZY: The Ugly Face of New Europe

This is a picture, a photomontage, that you can show your children and threaten them “MERKOZY will get you, if you don’t eat your dinner!”. The same picture and the same threat you can use with your wife or husband,  your pensioner parents, your teenager kids if they complain about the austerity in your pockets. …

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(Upd) 10.000 European Youth Cards to be distributed to Greeks

 Finally a good news! Ten thousand discount cards will be distributed free of charge to Greek students, jobless or working youth, aged 13-30 years old. The European Youth Card is a discount and not a credit card and it will provide the cardholder with discounts to certain categories of goods and services …

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Greeece: 2nd most expensive fuel prices in Europe

Prices for unleaded gasoline and diesel are galloping in Greece making the already expensive daily life even more difficult. According to February data of Greek Motorists’ Club (ELPA), the country comes 2nd in the list featuring fuel prices in Europe. While today the price of unleaded gasoline is between 1.56 and 1.65 euros …

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