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Finance Minister Counts Civil Servants instead of Sheep

or Count Civil Servants Greek Finance Minister, Giorgos Papakonstantinou, spends surely countless nights without sleep. While millions of insomnia sick around the globe use the traditional method of counting sheep in order to lull themselves to sleep…. Mr. Papakonstantinou has found THE cure against his debt-driven and cash-dry insomnia: He …

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Minister Tzakri is cleared!

  Theodora Tzakri is cleared from the accusations of Apokalypseis – newspaper that she had intervened for the employment of her realtives at the Pella Museum. Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Interior, Decentralisation & e-Government is innocent, says the investigation report of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

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Greek Minister Tzakri: Another Blond to Bite the Political Dust?

newspaper APOKALYPSEIS Hardly has the dust of Gerekou- scandal settled down, another Blond Deputy Minister is likely to line to the queue to hit the road, if the accusations proven true. Theodora  Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Interior, Decentralization & e-Gevernment is  being accused to have allegedly  ordained  36 cousins, relatives …

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Easy Ways to Cut the Pensions of Others

s Greek Minister for Employment & Social Security reads in the monring newspaper how to get along with 600 Euros per month. Andreas Loverdos is concerned… With the new austerity measures in force, low earners and pensioners bleed, while deputies at the Greek Parliament enjoy double and threesome income. A …

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