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Finance Minister Counts Civil Servants instead of Sheep

or Count Civil Servants

Greek Finance Minister, Giorgos Papakonstantinou, spends surely countless nights without sleep.

While millions of insomnia sick around the globe use the traditional method of counting sheep in order to lull themselves to sleep….

Mr. Papakonstantinou has found THE cure against his debt-driven and cash-dry insomnia: He counts civil servants!

Finance and Interior ministries will start counting the people employed by the State.

It is the first – ever effort of the Greek State to find out how many people it employs.

Most important, according to my opinion, is to find out how much money state employees cost to the Greek taxpayers.

The decision was taken by the Finance and Interior ministries in May and will go into effect next month. By January 2011 all employees will be paid by a single agency, instead of the dozens of disparate Ministries accounts currently used.

The exact number of people working for the hydrocephalus Greek State is not known.

Prime Minister George Papandreou has said there are around 750,000. Greek media estimate the number at 1.200.000.

Trade unions representatives speak of 450.000 permanent civil servants and another 350.000 working at state corporations like Electricity, Water etc Companies. Total 800.000

Yet only counting is not enough! Greek Civil Servants have a bad reputation conserning their working morals like  fullfilling their working hours pensum and tendency to corruption. Will the Ministers be able to tame them?

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