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ECB – Greek Bonds collateral: “Blackmail” is the answer

Blackmail is the only “strategy” they know. And they apply it again towards Greece. The European Central Bank allegedly is preparing to accept again “Greek bonds as collateral for liquidity” provided that the “Pension Reform passes through the parliament.” “ECB prepares to again accept Greek bonds as collateral for cash …

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IMF : Greece has right to “bundle” four June payments into one

Greece’s deadline for repayment to the International Monetary Fund is coming close, while the options for agreement with creditors remain unclear. Without agreement there is no bailout funding for cash-strapped Greece that struggles to avoid a “credit event” on June 5th, when €300 million are due to the IMF. Greece’s …

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Ex PM Papandreou’s Adviser: “Greece had Serioulsy Consindered Leaving the Euro” (video)

Richard Parker, American economic professor and adviser to former PM George Papandreou, told SKY NEWS, that the Greek  government had seriously considered the possibility to exit the euro zone but such option was ruled out for economic grounds.  Parker is an economic professor at Harvard University, he advised Papandreou in 2010-2011. Papandreou is been registered …

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